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1st game, and theres not much to say apart what i experienced in this video. i liked it! also i just saw the full game is out so im getting it. plan on playing it.

 full game out now!

Comments below clip;

Interesting angle of getting involved in a religion approach to horror. I couldn't get past the exit screen, so I don7t know if that's a bug or not. Thanks for making the game!

sorry about that! thank you for playing!

Hi, im a spanish native speaker studying translation, im interested on work in a translation of your game to get experience, if you are interested, reply me :)

sure! do you have a discord?

Yes, Faka#9902, add me and we can talk about the project <3

working on sequel

First game in the video. Cool to Turok-like graphics in the game! Short but creepy. Maybe put more story and length into your next game. I hope to see more games from you!

Such a great terrifying experience. Shorter than i would like but did its job as a teaser. Fantastic work !

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Creepy atmosphere. Great job! 

Very creepy game! Liked it so far. cant wait for your next project


love the game thank you 

thank you! during launch, it reset my progress on the game a bit so some things were left out
I'll fix them today! Thank you for the reveiw!

Its too bright LMAO

It was good tho

thanks! I thought I dimmed it enough... I'll fix it today

if i can


If this pops up, I will expand the concept